September 20, 2021

Why People Quit. Why you Shouldn't.

For many of us, starting a new thing seems exciting. Whether it be a diet or a new job. 

Day 1 tends to go amazing. Day 2, 3 & 4 continue to be good, but eventually, things start to get hard. 

We are faced with challenges. We struggle. We lose that excitement. 

What used to be new & exciting now becomes inconvenient. 

And typically, this happens when you’re into this new thing 3-4 weeks deep. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. 

In this article, we cover a few reasons why people tend to quit on their fitness goals & how you can handle these things to keep going & keep pushing. 

Over-complicating your fitness plan

When it comes to fitness & weight loss, it always boils down to 2 basic things – 

  1. What you eat
  2. How you train

That’s it. Over-complicating the plan will only lead you to quit on it when things get tough. The more complex the plan, the easier it is to give up on it. 

There’s nothing wrong with following advanced training protocols or a more detailed & specific supplement routine. But, you have to make sure that you have the basics in place first.

If you’re new to dieting, just make sure that you’re eating the right number of calories, having enough protein & hitting the gym more than 3 times a week. 

Do the basics, and stay consistent. The results will follow.

Unrealistic expectations

A lot of times, people set unrealistic expectations for themselves. And once they start executing, they fall way short of their expectations & hence lose interest in the process & quit. 

Firstly, things will never go perfectly. They only go according to the plan before you start executing on that plan. 

Secondly, setting unrealistic expectations like losing 20 Kgs in 2 months will only leave you disappointed even if you lose 8 Kgs in 2 months, which is in fact, a great sign of progress. 

If you’re looking to lose weight, a 0.5-1% decrease per week in body weight is a good starting point. And if you’re looking to gain weight, a 0.5-1% increase per month in body weight is a good starting point. 

Having wishes, not goals

Many people quit because they didn’t set goals, to begin with. 

Your goals should be hyper-specific with a set deadline. Which one of these do you think has a better chance of getting accomplished – Wishing for a six-pack, or chasing to lose 10 Kgs within 3 months?

The latter is something that you can track & measure. And it’ll give you a clear answer of whether you’re making progress or not. 

Measuring your progress can be done in a variety of ways. You should be using multiple ways to track your progress. 

Just focusing on the scale weight is also a big mistake that people often make because there are going to be times when your weight is going to act weirdly. 

In times like these, you should reflect on the below-mentioned questions –

  1. How are your workouts going?
  2. Are your body measurements changing?
  3. Are there any changes in your mirror pictures?
  4. How is your mood?
  5. How is your sleep?

These are also a great measure of progress.


These are some of the things that people often go through in their fitness journeys. That’s just the reality of it. 

And while this isn’t a complete list, these are some of the reasons why people quit. 

These common roadblocks can be someone’s downfall, but they can also be obstacles that you grow through that help you become a better version of yourself. 

So, while they are common reasons why people quit, they can all be worked around, and that’s why you shouldn’t quit. 

You can do this. And if at any point in your journey would you need help with anything, feel free to reach out to us. 

We’re here to help you win. 

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