Core Values


We believe in going the extra mile for our customers, our co-workers and the company. We know that if we can deliver a WOW experience to our customers through our customer service, then that results in word of mouth which is the driving force behind real growth. We focus our energy on the solutions and not on the problems.


We believe doing the right thing is what will set you apart. Success is how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself. And you can only feel good about yourself when you know you do the right thing at all times, or at least strive to.


We believe that a truly fulfilled life is a life of growth and learning, both personally and professionally. We are always learning and striving to better the company and ourselves. We know that learning is essential to growing and that our personal growth and performance have a direct impact on the company’s growth and performance. We believe that the human potential is nearly limitless and the only way to fulfill that potential is by constantly learning and stretching our minds.


We are really passionate about what we do and at the same time determined to take this company to ginormous heights. There is no reason why we should be doing something that which we are not passionate about. Because when the ride gets tough, it’s passion that will drive you out of it. We know that if the company grows, we grow. We know that passion and enthusiasm are contagious. And so, we have a positive attitude towards everything that we do.


We believe that hard work beats talent every day of the week. We are not the most talented folks but we know how to put our head down and be the hardest workers in the room. What we also believe is that it is equally important to work in a smart way. To get more things done with less. To do things in the best way possible in the least amount of time.


Even though we are really proud of who we are and what this company stands for, we believe in staying humble. We believe in always being respectful to people. We don’t take credit for individual successes but instead give credit to those who made the success possible.


We’re always looking to build great relationships inside as well as outside the company. We put a lot of emphasis to our culture because we’re both a team and a family. We want to create an environment that is friendly, warm and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions and point of views. It’s how we all can think out of the box and contribute into the growth of the company at each and every stage.


We take extreme ownership of the tasks in hand and always make sure to see them through to completion. We know that we are bigger than our biggest excuses. We also take ownership of other tasks in the company because we know that it’s a team work and we can only succeed if we work as a unit. If one team mate fails, the whole team fails. And so we see each and every task as an opportunity to succeed and add value to the company.


We believe in our ultimate vision, in the bigger picture, the direction we are all collectively moving in and exactly what needs to be done to get there. We believe what Fuelled stands for, and in these core values and live by them.


We make sure to have fun everyday. Life is great with juice and excitement in it and so we never ever let any moment slip away where we are not having fun alongside crushing it.


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